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  • Career and Technical Education (CTE)

    CTE Overview

    Priority Charter School students have the opportunity to integrate academic and technical education, following the concept of Programs of Study through our Career and Technical Education career pathways. All students can succeed in a lifetime of success and excellence by exploring career options and making wise decisions about how best to follow a field of interest. CTE provides 5 clusters of study that will prepare students by connecting school to what they aspire to do tomorrow. Courses provide students with the knowledge, training, and confidence based on career goals under the guidance of parents, guardians and educators. In connection to the classroom, students may be provided hands-on learning, field-based experiences, internships, college credits through area community colleges and test to earn industry standard certifications.

    • Integrated classroom learning experiences
    • Hands-on training
    • Field-based experiences
    • Internships
    • College credits
    • Tests for industry standard certification