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  • Pre-Kindergarten Registration 2021-2022

    Pre-Kindergarten Registration Instructions

    This page will walk you through qualifying and registering for Pre-Kindergarten in Priority Charter Schools. There are two parts to Pre-K registration: Application and Registration. Both parts must be completed in order to place your child in a class for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Steps in qualifying and registering for Pre-Kindergarten:

    1) Decide which program you may qualify for
    Before beginning the registration process look at Pre-Kindergarten Program for an overview of state-funded and tuition-based programs to determine the program in which you are eligible to enroll.

    If you qualify for
    State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten
    continue on to step 2
    If you will not qualify for the
    state-funded program follow
    this link to the Tuition Pre-K
    page for information about the tuition program.

    Please check with the campus near you to verify availability. Click here for campus contact information.

    Still not sure?

    Begin by following the steps for
    State-Funded Pre-K to see if you qualify.
    If you do not qualify, you have
    the option to sign up for the tuition-based waitlist.

    2) Registration Online – Fill out online registration for 2021-2022
    New student registration has begun and may be accessed at prioritycharterschools.org/admissions

    3) If qualifying for Pre-K as a limited English speaker, fill out the online enrollment and upload your child’s birth certificate and proof of residency. A staff representative from the respective campus will contact you with instructions on verification testing.

    4) Gather the materials needed for document review. If qualifying for Pre-K, you will be uploading your qualifying documents online.
    Documents needed for registration English_a.pdf Documents needed for registration Spanish_a.pdf