Curriculum and Instruction

A row of classroom chairs in front of a window.

Priority Charter Schools Instructional Vision


At Priority Charter Schools, ALL students engage in high impact, standards-aligned and inclusive instruction.

Our students:

Engage in Productive Struggle: They take academic risks because it is safe to make mistakes. They carry a growth mindset and build the academic confidence that comes from persevering through challenging tasks.

  • In ELA:
    • They view themselves as capable readers, writers and
    • They tackle complex texts across multiple genres because they believe they
  • In Math:
    • They view themselves as
    • They see math in everything and believe math is something you “do” not just something you “know”!


Are Supported: They are each seen as individuals, with unique strengths and areas for growth. They trust their teachers to provide the support, tools and learning modalities they need to meaningfully access grade level knowledge and skills.

  • In ELA:
    • They develop and sustain foundational
    • They leverage their growing word and world knowledge to make sense of challenging
  • In Math:
    • They use tools, manipulatives and
    • They exercise computational thinking and build mathematical fluency.


Have Fun: They are fully engaged in class. They talk about the task at hand and energetically collaborate with peers. They celebrate individual and group accomplishments.

  • In ELA:
    • They LOVE to read!
    • They regularly engage in authentic reading and reflective
  • In Math:
    • They problem-solve with peers and get excited to see alternative solutions to problems in order to add these to their


Do the “Heavy Lifting”: They talk more than teachers as they reason through challenges. They use academic language to express their thoughts and ideas.

  • In ELA:
    • They routinely practice listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking as
    • They deepen their comprehension of text by responding to questions and making
  • In Math:
    • They display, explain, and justify mathematical ideas and arguments using precise mathematical language (mathematical process standard).


Are Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers: They are inquisitive, constantly questioning and challenging the world around them. They identify and test solutions. They build technological proficiency in our blended learning classrooms.

  • In ELA:
    • They engage in literary inquiry and
  • In Math:
    • They analyze mathematical relationships to connect and communicate mathematical ideas (mathematical process standard).
    • They engage with statistics, probability, and finance in preparation for college and


Take Ownership of Their Learning: They track their progress because they are deeply invested in their academic goals. They advocate for what they need and make intentional choices to accelerate their learning growth.